Child Care


Two nursery rooms are situated at the back of the Large Hall (a venue for the oral presentations). Each room has eight seats inside. Parent(s) can see and listen to the presentations while sitting together with their babies/toddlers/infants. The room is noise-protected, so the audience is separated from the voices of the parents and children. There is no extra charge to use the rooms.

Photo of the nursery room in the main conference hall


Also, there is a child-care room on the 4th floor of the conference center. The room charge is 7,300 JPY for one day (9 am–10 pm), and LOC can rent it if there is a request.
Up to ten children can stay in the room at the same time. Upon your request, we can arrange a babysitter for hire from a company in Takamatsu.

Photo of the child-care room in the conference center


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