While people should be able to enjoy walking in the area’s pleasant climate, public transportation is an important option in case of rain and is necessary for persons with disabilities. There are local bus lines downtown, and it is easy to find the bus stop for the convention center because it is the terminal (the last stop). Taxis are also available, with an approximate fare of 1,000 JPY for 2 km.

Takamatsu Symbol Tower and its Surroundings

Main Facilities of the Takamatsu Symbol Tower

The Takamatsu Symbol Tower, in which the Kagawa International Hall is located, has a wide range of facilities on each floor, where a variety of events can be held in one place.

JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu

This hotel is connected to Takamatsu Symbol Tower by a passageway on the 2nd floor.
There are many rooms suitable for bilateral meetings, receptions, and media centers.

JR Takamatsu Station

The JR Takamatsu Station is a major connecting station to the other prefectures on Shikoku island and to the main island of Japan.
It is only a short 3 minutes walk away from Takamatsu Symbol Tower.

Ferry landing

The Takamatsu Port ferry landing provides access by ferry to the islands in the Seto Island Sea such as Shodoshima island and Naoshima island.
High-speed boats arrive and depart here as well.

Tamamo Park, Ruins of Takamatsu Castle, National Historic Site

The ruins of Takamatsu Castle have been maintained as a park. It has the Hiunkaku building, designated as National Important Cultural Property, and an outer space called Sakura-no-baba, which are available for academic conferences, conventions and open-air events.

The Kagawa Museum

A museum exhibiting both history and art.
Visitors can experience the unique history of Kagawa and learn about famous historical figures from Kagawa including the Buddist monk Kukai and feudal-era Matsudaira samurai clan.

Takamatsu Central Shopping Mall

The longest arcade in Japan is lined with shops both old and new.
The arcade is now developing new systems to welcome visitors from abroad.

Transportation to the Symbol Tower

By Train
3 minutes walk from JR Takamatsu Station
5 minutes walk from Kotoden Takamatsu Chikko Station
By Airplane
40 minutes shuttle bus ride from the Takamatsu Airport
By Ferry
5 minutes walk from Takamatsu Port ferry landing

Free WiFi Service

Kagawa WiFi
Takamatsu WiFi

Coin lockers

Coin lockers in Takamatsu city centre

Bicycle rental

How to Rent a Bicycle in Takamatsu


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