Childcare Facilities


Two nursery rooms are situated at the back of the Main Hall (the venue for the oral presentations). Each room has eight seats inside. Parent(s) can see and listen to the presentations while looking after their babies/toddlers/infants. The rooms are soundproofed, so the audience is separated from the voices of the parents and children. There is no extra charge to use the rooms.

Photo of the nursery room in the main conference hall


We provide childcare/babysitting service so that parents can participate in the conference with ease.
If there is need for this service, we will hire a babysitter from a company in Takamatsu.

You need to pre-register to use this service. The service is available for a fee.
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Photo of the childcare room in the conference center

NURSING ROOMS (4th, 5th Floor of Main Hall / 2nd Floor of Maritime Plaza)

The nursing rooms are located on the 4th floor and 5th floor of the Main Hall and 2nd floor of Maritime Plaza. There are also diaper changing tables and water heaters for milk formula.

  • You can throw out the used diapers here.
  • There are diaper changing tables also in the accessible toilets on each floor (see floor map).

KIDS’ ACTIVITIES ROOM (Backstage room 14, 5th Floor)

We are preparing some interesting activities for kids.
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REST ROOM FOR KIDS AND PARENTS (Backstage room 15, 5th Floor)

In Backstage room 4 on the 3rd floor, you will be able to rest with your child. If you do not wish to use the babysitting service and you want to look after your child yourself, please use this room.


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