Keynote & Invited Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Margaret Tolbert
Margaret Tolbert 

University of Colorado, USA

“Going Through a Phase: Particulate Water in Atmospheric Aerosol”

Ian Galbally
Ian Galbally (iCACGP 60th Anniversary Keynote Speaker)

CSIRO, Australia

“The science of atmospheric composition and chemistry: past, present and future”

Hajime Akimoto
Hajime Akimoto

National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan

“Atmospheric Chemistry Research from Fundamentals to Policy Relevance – Recent Research Experience”

Invited Speakers

Session1 : Atmospheric Chemistry and People

  • Cathy Liousse, CNRS/University of Toulouse, France
  • Rajesh Kumar, NCAR, USA

Session2 : Atmospheric Chemistry and Fundamentals

  • Luc Vereecken, IEK, Germany
  • Nonne Prisle, University of Oulu, Finland

Session3 : Atmospheric Chemistry and Ecosystems

  • Toshinobu Machida, NIES, Japan
  • Kathryn Emmerson, CSIRO, Australia

Session4 : Atmospheric Chemistry & Climate/Weather

  • Sachin Ghude, IITM, India
  • Bill Collins, University of Reading, UK

Session5 : Challenging the Future

  • Guy Brasseur, MPIMET, Germany
  • Jhoon Kim, Yonsei University, Korea
  • Kim Prather, University of California, USA


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