Conference Banquet

Conference Banquet will be held at JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu, next to the Sunport Takamatsu Convention Center.

  • Date
  • 27 September, 2018
  • Time
  • 18:30 – 21:00 (Dinner), 21:00 – 23:00 (Dance and Music)
  • Location
  • “Hiten” and “Tamamo” Banquet Rooms, 3rd floor at JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu, 1-1 Hamano-cho, Takamatsu, Kagawa 760-0011, Japan.

Special Features

  • 18:15 – 18:30
  • Welcome Live Music
  • 18:30 – 18:45
  • “Shodo” Performance by Takamatsu Commercial High School Calligraphy Club (Takasho-Girls)
  • 21:00 – 23:00
  • Dance and Music Party with Swingin’ Wonderland JAZZ Orchestra

Takamatsu Commercial High School Calligraphy Club (Takasho-Girls)

Photo credit: 2018 Udon-ken Calligraphy Performance Competition website

Champion at 2018 Udon-ken Calligraphy Performance Competition, 19 August 2018

Hello, everyone!! We are Takasho-Girls. Congratulations on holding iCACGP-IGAC 2018 in Japan! Our motto is “God dwells in details.” We are doing “shodo” performance which is Japanese calligraphy, a culture of Japan from old times.

Message from Takasho-Girls
The theme of our performance is “TSU NA GU”. It means “connect”. We think that the earth and people’s heart are connected. And, we have to connect it toward the next generation.

Music: To be announced at the performance
Playing Members: To be announced at the performance

Swingin’ Wonderland JAZZ Orchestra

Photo credit: Bungeishunju Ltd.
Swingin’ Wonderland JAZZ Orchestra
Swingin’ Wonderland JAZZ Orchestra (SWJO) formed in 1991 in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. Comprised of the area’s best musicians, and under the leadership of bandmaster and trumpeter Naoto Sekimoto, SWJO has been pursuing its ideal of being a full-fledged Swing jazz orchestra. SWJO’s magnetic appeal stems from its members’ collective spirit to play dynamic Swing. Also, SWJO is boosted by a multitude of fans fascinated by the band’s intellectual and warm sounds. Structured as a formal organization, SWJO over the years has broadened and strengthened its musical activities and influence. Recognized in Japan as a successor of the music and tradition of big band jazz, SWJO conveys this great culture to subsequent generations. Overseas performances at world-famous jazz clubs, such as Sweet Basil, Blue Note New York ,Jazz at Lincoln Center, and so on, were highly evaluated in and out of Japan. Every summer for the past 17 years, SWJO has been the mainstay of Sunport Jazz Festival, playing against the backdrop of the sun setting over Japan’s Inland Sea at Sunport Takamatsu. January 1st, 2018, SWJO put on a hot performance at the legendary Birdland in New York. That was a great success and was featured on TV.

Past Co-star Artist:
The Legendary Count Basie Orchestra, Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra featuring Lew Tabackin, Dennis Mackrel, Dave Pietro, Mike Ponella, Helen Merrill, Randy Brecker, Lewis Nash

Message from Naoto Sekimoto, a bandmaster of SWJO

Photo credit : SWJO

All of us, who saw the 2004 American science-fiction disaster film “The day after tomorrow” and wondered with anxiety whether the earth was facing such a drastic climate change in the near future as the one depicted in the movie, surely had serious thoughts. A couple of years later, all of a sudden pitch black clouds started to accumulate in the sky here in Takamatsu, and hail started to pour down with such a strength that our pet dog in the veranda rushed to us whining frightened. My family and I looked at each other horrified and noted in disbelief that the signs of global climate change had already started showing everywhere. I still remember that day clearly. Since then more than 10 years have passed and we all live in anxiety and fear as we experience disasters caused by extreme weather events never seen in the past, like extreme heat and torrential rains pouring down continuously for weeks. We all feel powerless and can only hope that this earth continues to be habitable for generations to come. I implore you, who have gathered here today, that through your research you do everything in your power to turn the environment of the earth even a little bit toward a positive direction. We entrust our future to you, and if you tell us what we can do, no matter how small it might be, we will start to put it into practice already today. Please accept our performance as a token of our gratitude for your enthusiasm and efforts, and we wish that this conference will be a great success and our hopes for our future earth will come true.

香川県立高松商業高校 書道部 (通称:高商ガールズ)


第7回うどん県書道パフォーマンス大会優勝校 (2018年8月19日)



使用曲: To be announced at the performance
出演人数: To be announced at the performance


写真 : 文藝春秋社提供
Swingin’ Wonderland JAZZ Orchestraは、1991年に日本、香川県のミュージシャンにより結成された「Swing」を追求する本格的ジャズオーケストラです。(バンドマスターはトランペッターの関元直登)。SWJOの魅力は何と言ってもメンバーの心が一つになったダイナミックなスウィングです。 また知的で温かなサウンドに魅了されたファンは多数います。2004年にNPO法人化し(SWJOエンタープライズ)、組織力の強化と活動基盤の拡大を図り、 ビッグバンド・ジャズの音楽と伝統を継承し、この偉大な文化を次世代に伝えています。 ジャズの老舗ライブハウス、ブルーノート、スウィートベイジル、そしてジャズ・アット・リンカーンセンターなどの海外公演経験を経て、国内外で非常に高い評価を得ているほか、毎夏、サンポート高松において、夕陽が海に沈むロケーションをバックに「SUNPORT JAZZ FESTIVAL」(SJF)を17年にわたり開催し、大きな賑わいを創出、地域社会の発展に貢献・尽力しています。2018年1月1日の夜、NYを代表するジャズクラブ「NY Birdland」で奇跡的ライブを開催。本場オーディエンスを圧倒する演奏で大成功をおさめ、その模様はTVで特番としてOAされました。


SWJOバンドマスター 関元直登さんからのメッセージ

写真 : SWJO提供

映画【 The Day After Tomorrow (2004年製作) 】を観て、近い将来地球は本当にあのような気候変動が起きるのだろうかと、不安に陥り自分たちに何が出来るのかを、考えさせられました。その数年後、ここ香川県高松市でも、突然、真っ黒な雲が被い始め「雹」が降って来て、当時ベランダで飼っていた愛犬が、心配そうな顔をして、泣きながら寄ってきました。頭の上に、鉢巻のように積もった雹をみて、家族一同笑いと共にやはり各地で、地球規模の気候変動の兆候が現れだしたのかと戦慄を覚えたことを今でも、明確に覚えています。それから10年以上が経ち、皆様もご存知の通り、過去にない暑さや、一週間も降り続く豪雨災害に見舞われ、今の日本は異常気象と対峙し不安を抱えながら、日常生活を送っている状況です。身勝手ながら、自分の娘の孫の時代まで、人間が住める地球であって欲しいと願いながら、自分たちの非力を感じています。本日お集まりの、皆様にお願いしたい事は、この地球の環境を少しでも良い方向に向かうように、皆様の叡知と研究に、私たちの未来を託したいと切望しております。また、私達に出来る小さいことからお教え頂ければ、今からでもそれを実践していきたいと思っております。日本で24年ぶりとなるiCACGP-IGAC国際会議に来られる皆様の熱き想いに敬意を抱き、この国際会議が大成功を納め、未来への【Hope(希望)】が叶います事を願いながら、感謝の気持ちを込めて演奏させて頂きたいと思います。


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