Kids’ Activities



We will prepare a playroom where children can play under the supervision of our staff. This service is free of charge.

 Planned activities are…

  • origami
  • games
  • anime videos
  • songs
  • picture drawing
  • language exchange      etc.


Backstage room 4 (3rd floor)


This room is open from 9:00 to 17:00 except for lunchtime (12:00-13:00) during the conference.
Please come and pick up your child in this room before lunch.
Bringing food into the room is prohibited, but drinking is allowed.

* The above plan may be subject to change at the discretion of the organizer.


There are many places of interest for kids in and around Takamatsu that you can visit with your child.

Sanuki Kodomo no Kuni Children’s Park

Sanuki Kodomo no Kuni Children’s Park is located nearby Takamatsu Airport. It has a bicycle road (you can rent a bicycle), athletic playground equipment, flower garden, exhibition of a local train “Kotoden”, and more.

Official Website (JP)
Orverview (EN)

New Yashima Aquarium

This aquarium is located on the top of Mt. Yashima, at an altitude of about 300m.
American manatees, that are raised in pairs, show us charming gestures while twinkling their big bodies. Several live shows of sea lions, seals and dolphins are held every day.

Official Website (JP)
Tripadvisor (EN)
Access Guide to Yashima

Nakano Udon School (Takamatsu)

Sanuki udon is the Sanuki area’s most famous food specialty. At Nakano Udon School, you can try to make udon by yourself and eat it. Since you have come to Kagawa, why don’t you try making Udon?

  • Necessary time:60〜80 minutes
  • Fee:1500 JPY + tax /guest
  • You can make a reservation from the home page of Nakano Udon School below until 2 days before your request date.

Official Website (JP)
Reservation (EN)
Tripadvisor (EN)

Megijima & Ogijima Islands

Megijima Island, less than four kilometers long and one kilometer wide, is a small island just off the port of Takamatsu. This island is called “Onigashima” which means ogre’s island from the popular Momotaro legend in which a small boy visited the island in order to fight its resident ogres. There is a cave where visitors will find some large cartoon ogre statues depicting scenes from the Momotaro story.
Ogijima Island, which just two kilometers long and one kilometer wide, is a brother island of the nearby Megijima Island. When you go to Megijima Island, how about visiting Ogijima too? (EN)

Last updated: May 1, 2018


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