Climate and Weather

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Takamatsu is located at 34.3 deg. N and 134.0 deg. E. The local time is nine hours ahead of GMT. Japan does not adopt Daylight Savings Time (aka. European Summer Time).

The climate is mild with low precipitation throughout the four seasons. It is similar to the Mediterranean climate, and the symbolic flower/tree of Kagawa Prefecture is the olive, which is special to Shodoshima Island. As Takamatsu is located in the southwest of Japan, the sunlight hours are relatively long. At the end of September sunrise is at approximately 6 am and sunset is at approximately 6 pm.

In Takamatsu, September is a comfortable season to stay and walk outside. Mean temperature and humidity for the late-September to early-October period are 20+ deg. C and 70+%, respectively. Mean precipitation is 100+ mm. We checked weather statistics for sunny/rainy days for the last week of September over the past 10 years, and found that the number of sunny days is approximately 75%.

Based on the national statistics, Kagawa Prefecture is ranked high as a place free from natural disasters in Japan. It has no active volcanoes. Although Japan is sometimes subject to typhoons in the summer-fall seasons, Takamatsu has the Shikoku Mountains along its southern border, which weaken the typhoons around the area and often divert them in different directions.

Seasonal variations in temperature, humidity, precipitation, and solar insolation in Takamatsu.


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