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Takamatsu is located in the southwest of Japan. The closest airport is Takamatsu Airport. There are direct flights to Takamatsu from several cities in Asia. For example, flight time is 1.5–2.0 hours from Seoul-Incheon, Shaghai-Pudong, and Taipei-Taoyuan. In the summer of 2016, the Hong Kong – Takamatsu flight was newly opened.

Other international passengers can reach Takamatsu (TAK) after connecting through major Japanese hubs. Kansai International Airport (KIX), and Tokyo’s international airports at Haneda (HND) and Narita (NRT) are easy to reach from anywhere in the world, with a number of flights being available every day. There are 13 flights per day, from 7 am to 8 pm and with a flight time of 1 hr 25 min, between HND and TAK (seven flights by JAL (Japan Airlines, Oneworld Alliance) and six flights by ANA (All Nippon Airways, Star Alliance)), and two flights per day, in the morning and evening, between NRT and TAK (by Jetstar), with a flight time of 1 hr 35 min. From KIX, airport limousines (12 buses per day, 5,150 JPY/way, 9,300 JPY/round trip) and JR trains offer transport to Takamatsu.

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Flight routes to Japan (and Takamatsu) from all over the world

Below are examples of international flights to KIX and Tokyo HND/NRT airports with the average flight time from different cities in the world.

Route Approx. Flight Time
Seoul – Takamatsu (direct) 1hr 40min
Shanghai – Takamatsu (direct) 3hr 30min
Taipei – Takamatsu (direct) 2hr 40min
Beijing – Tokyo/Kansai 4hrs
Guangzhou – Tokyo/Kansai 5hrs
Hong Kong – Tokyo/Kansai 4.5hrs
Bangkok – Tokyo/Kansai 6.5hrs
New Delhi – Tokyo/Kansai 9.5hrs
Melbourne/Sydney – Tokyo/Kansai 11hrs
New York – Tokyo/Kansai 14hrs
Washington DC – Tokyo/Kansai 14hrs
Boston – Tokyo/Kansai 14hrs
Denver – Tokyo/Kansai 12hrs
Houston – Tokyo/Kansai 14hrs
Los Angels – Tokyo/Kansai 12hrs
San Francisco – Tokyo/Kansai 11hrs
Toronto – Tokyo/Kansai 13hrs
Frankfurt – Tokyo/Kansai 12hrs
Hamburg – Tokyo/Kansai 12.5hrs
Paris – Tokyo/Kansai 12.5hrs
London – Tokyo/Kansai 12.5hrs
Rome/Milan – Tokyo/Kansai 13hrs
Copenhagen/Helsinki – Tokyo/Kansai 11.5hrs
Geneva – Tokyo/Kansai 14hrs
Athens – Tokyo/Kansai 13hrs
Moscow – Tokyo/Kansai 10.5hrs
Mexico City – Tokyo/Kansai 15hr
San Juan (Puerto Rico) – Tokyo/Kansai 17hr
Tel Aviv – Tokyo/Kansai 14hrs
Santiago – Tokyo/Kansai 24hrs
Sao Paulo – Tokyo/Kansai 24.5hrs
Algiers – Tokyo/Kansai 15hrs
Johannesburg – Tokyo/Kansai 17hrs


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