Register & Make Payment

Early Bird Registration will open around March 2018.

Early Bird Registration Fees (Deadline: 30 June 2018)

Early Career Scientists: 48,000JPY
Regular Participants: 65,000JPY

Normal Registration Fees (Deadline: 11 September 2018)

Early Career Scientists: 60,000JPY
Regular Participants: 75,000JPY

Registration fee includes:

  1. Attendance to the conference
  2. Lunch on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday
  3. Celebration Banquet on Thursday evening
  4. Coffee, Tea and Water throughout the conference
  5. Snacks during the Social Hours on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

**The above-listed items are preliminary and will be finalized by the Early Bird Registration opens.

**Early Career scientist is a current student or a scientist within 3 working years of completing their PhD, excluding career breaks.**

iCACGP-IGAC and SPARC Joint Offer

The SPARC General Assembly 2018 will be held in Kyoto during 1 – 5 October, 2018, back to back with the joint 2018 14th iCACGP Quadrennial Symposium and 15th IGAC Science Conference.

iCACGP, IGAC and SPARC have agreed to make use of this opportunity to maximize the mutual benefit to both the IGAC and SPARC communities, in particular, to promote ongoing efforts in the IGAC-SPARC collaboration regarding the “One Atmosphere” approach, also supported by iCACGP.

Hence, the iCACGP-IGAC 2018 and SPARC GA 2018 LOCs will set up a discount registration rate. The iCACGP-IGAC 2018 LOC will offer a discount rate for the SPARC GA 2018 participants who also wish to partially attend the iCACGP-IGAC 2018, and vice versa. This would enable interested participants to combine the two trips (thus saving money and reducing their carbon footprint!).

We strongly encourage all the participants, particularly early career scientists, to attend both the iCACGP-IGAC2018 and SPARC GA 2018. It can also be good to hold a side meeting for the jointly sponsored activities by IGAC and SPARC, and any others.

The distance from Takamatsu to Kyoto is approximately 200 km, and it takes two hours by bullet train (Shinkansen) with a reasonable fare (8,610 JPY). Long-distance bus is also available, also at a reasonable cost (4,950 JPY).

Detailed information will be posted later. Please stay tuned!


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